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One of my professors described PT school as "controlled falling": There's no way to thoroughly cover everything that gets thrown at you. She was right; I studied like crazy, did okay on the tests, and still didn't get a chance to read all the assigned reading. (I did better on the tests when I studied the classnotes, which the instructor printed out and handed to us, so that's what I did.)

I've been worrying that I missed stuff, and that I'm not getting comprehensive education in my clinical affiliation here, and I keep meaning to review and read up on the things I missed-- because the board exam is coming. That's not happening on the weekdays (perhaps because I'm putting in ten-hour days at the clinic?) and on weekends, it sounds like it's about as much fun as a broccoli milkshake.

About the boards: To practice as a licensed physical therapist, you have to graduate from an approved school, and pass the board exam with a certain score. I believe that score is now the same in all 50 states-- I'm not sure. The exam costs a few hundred dollars to take it. Hmm. Okay, other students before me have faced this problem. I have too, in preparing for the GRE. There are prep courses and prep books. A little web browsing found them and helped me greatly reduce my stress level.

(What follows is a note to myself about what I found and where to get it. I don't imagine these websites, companies, and books will disappear in the next two years.)

"A Guide to Success: Review for Licensure in Physical Therapy", by Scott Giles, MS PT.

1. Physical Therapy Board Review by Brad Fortinberry, PT and Michael Dunaway, PT, 2002, 160 pgs. ISBN: 1-56053-497-4. $29.95
-400 review questions

2. Physical Therapist Assistant Board Review by Brad Fortinberry, PT, Michael Dunaway, PT, Justin Boyd, LPTA, 2003, 225 pgs.
ISBN: 1-56053-605-5, $29.00
-400 review questions

1. Preparing for the Physical Therapist Licensure Examination by Patricia Rae Evans, 1999;

2. Davis's PT Exam for PDA's based on Evan's Preparing for the Physical Therapist Licensure Examination by Patricia Rae Evans, 2003, also found at


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