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A bit of catchup: So far the job is going well; the facility is nice and well run and the people are friendly and organized and already are making comments that they want to renew the contract. All good.

Also good: A super-nice gym is right down the street. It's clean, has a pool, well equipped, very nice. I go right after work. That's good cause-- it's skilled nursing. Caseload will be "four little old ladies who wobble slightly and need oxygen, followed by a super-heavy person with a bad stroke who can't sit up by herself and needs to learn to do that, and a very large man with poor balance and a recent below-knee amputation who needs to learn to walk with a walker." Yeah, that would be my job.

In short: My shoulders, hips, back and knees will love them some core strength. And, while I used to lift with machines, or with dumbbells that isolated a single body part, current thinking is whole-body exercises that make you use your core to stabilize, then your extremity (arm or leg) to move a weight. The result is a body that moves well, rather than parts that are strong in isolation.

So, today I did:

3x15 pushups with a 5 second plank hold (okay, there were some breaks in there)
3x15 assisted pullups
2x10 lunges with bicep curls (10lb and 12.5 lb, boy, I need to work on that)
2x25 kettlebell swings with a 20lb kettlebell
2x15 seconds lateral holds (squat, hold a cable machine and 15lbs sideways, isometric)
2x15 Kroc rows (this is a bent over row with a lot of scapular retraction in it)
2x10 each side, side planks with external rotation
3x15 ball pikes and 2x15 can openers (hands in plank position, shins on ball, bring knees to chest).
2x15 shoulder extension on the cable machine, done in an isometric squat.

As I chose a cable tower and reset the cable stack from 75lbs to 7.5 lbs for the last exercise, the man using the next stack over (tricep pressdowns, 47.5 lbs, guy looks and sounds blue-collar) said, "Oh good. If you'd lifted that previous stack,  I would have had to make mine heavier."

I gave him a half-smile and said nothing. The comment made me see red, for a minute, in that flashback-to-pretty-good-for-a-girl kind of way. I finished my set, briefly considered going back, setting the stack to the heaviest weight I could manage, and doing something like walkbacks (very do-able with an impressively heavy weight). Let him try to tricep-press _that_.


For a moment, I grasped and held the idea that I didn't need to let a random comment, delivered by a person I don't know whose worldview I don't share, get to me. I could just let it go.

Then I went back to the dumbbell stack, picked up a pair of 22.5s, and did farmer's carries. And, with that, I finished my workout and went home.
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